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Customs representative «Sealiner».

Who is customs representative?

Customs representative (broker) is a company-agent between exporter/importer and customs office, that accomplishes operations for customs clearance of cargos.

What does customs representative`s list of services include?

- Consulting of clients on questions of customs law and customs clearance ;

- Fixing of HS code;

- Cost valuation of customs payments;

- Analysis of non-tariff regulation measures;

- Analysis and selection of customs treatment that accelerates the whole process;

- Qualified formation of set of necessary documents, customs declaring ;
- Paying of payment on behalf of client;
- Representation and defense of client interests in customs office (as well as in functional departments) without its presence;

- Automatic insurance of cargos and liability.

Receipt of what approval documents is customs representative (broker) able to ensure?

- Receipt of certificates of conformity, conformity declaration, expert and sanitary-epidemiologic conclusions, conclusions of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Excont (Export Control), Radio-frequency Center;

- Execution of Certificates of Origin of Goods;

- Receipt of permissions of Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision;

- Receipt of import quarantine conclusion.

What advantages will you get working with customs representative (broker)?

- Opportunity of cargo delivery «from door to door »;

- Personal work of managers who are engaged in clients «from bottom till top », fully controlling the whole process of cargo delivery;

- Selection of optimal scheme of work that lets considerably save time and money of client in customs clearance;

- Use of flexible financial policy, decrease of rates on foreign currency payments;

- Fixing of certain terms for customs clearance;

- Fixed cost of customs clearance;

- Use of modern technologies in customs clearance;

- Opportunity to refund of VAT (value added tax) if client s company is the taxpayer of value added tax;

- Opportunity of financial liability for owner;

- On-time paying of payments;

- Juridical legality of all operations;

- Insurance of all cargos on the period of customs clearance: on civil risks and on risks of Federal Customs Service.

What logistic services may customs representative «Sealiner» offer?

- Carriage of cargoes from any point of world till warehouse of client,

Multimodal carriages ,

- Forwarding of cargos,

- Work with assembled cargos  and big lots,

- Terminal operations on territory of Europe,

- Insurance of cargos.

Let`s resume customs clearance of cargos by customs clearance (broker)?

So, if you use services of  customs representative (broker), You will save time and money of your employees and let them be engaged in more actual tasks. While the carriage of your cargo will be in good hands of professionals with many years` experience..

Documents correctly prepared by customs representative (broker) will let you deliver cargo without any complications, and rightly chosen customs treatment will let you considerably decrease charges for fees and  dues.

Now customs representative  «Sealiner» works with juridical persons, private entrepreneur and offer the wide range of services for the most complete satisfaction of needs of our clients.

We will be glad of our cooperation and help to raise Your business on upper level!

Learn the cost of transportation, you can send an email to our mail info@sealiner.ru or by filling out the request form.

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