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Development of transportation via the Trans-Siberian Railroad

Development of the Trans-Siberian Mainline (TSM) is one of the priorities of the Russian Government for medium- and long-term outlook, — was what Mr. Sergei Aristov, RF Deputy Minister of Transport, communicated.

Appearing at the XXII Plenary Meeting of the International Association «Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation» hosted on November 14–15 in Budapest (Hungary), Mr. Aristov gave an account of activities for the development of the Trans-Siberian Mainline stipulated by the Strategy of the Development of Railroad Transport in the RF through the year 2030.

At the Transsib, a 87.3 km the third track will be built, 25 stations renovated, augmentation of electric power-supply facilities, expansion of rail-yard and handling facilities, will be implemented. In the Eastern TSM operating domain, activities towards development of stations and hubs including Karymskaya, Chita, Khabarovsk, Ussuriisk, will be required. Parameters of the Strategy stipulate to provide for the container dispatch via TSM at the rate of 1 thousand km per 24-hour day before the year 2015.

Over the long term, provisions for contemporary infrastructure were made for the TSM. In order to increase efficiency of transportation and logistic operations and acceleration of merchandise flow between Europe, Russia, CIS countries and the Asia-Pacific Region, establishment of terminal and logistics hubs in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and other cities is expected. «That would afford to shape uniform procedural and information environment for integrated satisfaction of customer needs», — emphasized Mr. Aristov.

The following projects were identified as investment priorities in the domain of the TSM infrastructure development in the territory of the Russian Far East and Baikal Region by the Ministry of Transport:

— development of Vostochnyi — Nakhodka transportation hub;

— construction of Kyzyl — Kuragino railroad line to develop mineral resources base of the Republic of Tyva;

— creation of transportation infrastructure to develop mineral resources of the South-West of Transbaikalian Territory and the Republic of Buryatia.

To remove constraints in train traffic, renovation of Lagar-Aul, Kiparisovskii, Vladivostok and Obluchenskii tunnels, bridges across Zeya and Bureya rivers, as well as the bridge at the Uglovaya — Nakhodka section, will be completed. To clear bottlenecks, throughput and handling capacity of Taishet, Irkutsk and Skovorodino stations were marked for a boost, detours of Irkutsk and Chita transportation hubs shall be built, as well as service railroad lines. In order to provide for passenger traffic and clearing of heavyweight freight trains, construction of combined bridge crossing across River Amur will be completed, and a tunnel under Amur outside of Khabarovsk renovated.

«Implementation of infrastructural projects coupled with tariff-related and managerial and engineering measures will afford to resolve an important national problem of dramatically increasing the flow of international freight traffic via the network of Russian railroads» — was Mr. Aristov’s summary.

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