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Истории из жизни


It is always an interesting but very difficult task to transport industrial equipment. For example, once upon a time a customer addressed Sealiner for help in shipment of an over dimensional cargo from China.

But the representatives of a Chinese supplier reassured us and our customer that the equipment would easily be placed into some containers if dismantled. All the technical documentation was provided, nothing wrong was going to happen. Moreover, shipment of such-like cargoes is a commonplace for Sealiner Company.

Interesting things began to happen at a loading stage. As it turned out one of the parts of the aggregate, which according to instructions should have been dismantled into two parts, was actually an in situ block which could not be placed into a container by traditional methods of loading. What had we to do?

Пока в Китае все прыгали вокруг контейнера, а клиент отчаивался и ругал самонадеянного поставщика, в офисе «Силайнера» ни на минуту не прекращались поиски альтернативного решения. И решение было найдено! Сотрудники «Силайнера» сообразили срезать крышу контейнера, с помощью крана опустить в него груз и приварить крышу обратно. При таком нестандартном подходе все части оборудования улеглись в контейнер ровненько, как в «тетрисе»!

Единственным минусом этого варианта доставки стало то, что клиенту пришлось выкупать контейнер в собственность, но даже и тогда он оказался существенно выгоднее варианта с перевозкой груза балком.

Cargo delivery to Russia

We congratulate you! Your cargo is cleared in China and now it is on its way to Russia. Our transport department will notify you regularly about location of your cargo and its status on its way to the place of destination.

Means of transport is agreed at the first stage of shipment before the cargo is shipped to Russia. This part will tell you at what moments your attention should be paid during shipment planning.

Cargo weight and capacity are very important

Transportation in containers is used for consignments of large size and capacity. Cargo from China is shipped in 20″, 40″ or 40″ HQ sea containers. Heavy loads (more than 1.5 tons per one cargo item) require a special load restraining device inside the container. Moreover the total cargo weight should not exceed 21.8 tons for a 20 ″ container.

Fuhres are used for automobile transportation. This method of transportation is suitable for small consignments of goods which are not fragile and undergo transshipment quite well.

Shipment of goods as a part of a consolidated cargo is suitable when consignment is small. Some small freights of different customers are gathered in one container — it is much cheaper than buying-out of the whole container.

If shipment is performed by sea break bulk can be used. This method is suitable for specific cargoes, such as goods in sacks or barrels.


When the means of transport is chosen we discuss with our customers characteristics of the cargo and required delivery date. In each case there can be chosen a rout which has an optimum ratio of the cost and delivery speed.

  • The most common variant of shipment from China is the shipment by sea to the ports Vostochny, Nakhodka or Vladivostok, and then by rail to the place of destination;
  • If the customer needs to receive his cargo in the shortest time, and the cargo is small but very expensive, the airshipment from China to Russia is used;
  • Shipment from China by sea combined with airshipment across Russia allows to receive your cargo much quicker than if it were transported by the Russian rail. Such method of shipment is cheaper than the full airshipment;
  • Shipment by cars is a good alternative for shipment by sea in the cases when consignments are small.

Sometimes consignors try to distort information about cargo, i.e. to save money having stated less weight and other material the goods are made of. It may result not only in problems at the customs border, but also in serious incidents when the ropes tear during loading operations, container walls crack, or even capsizing of an overloaded ship. All the information should be true-to-fact!

Important moments

  • In order to deliver the cargo safe its package should be chosen in compliance with its characteristics and means of transport;
  • Delivery from China by rail is not used nowadays as technical difficulties make this method of shipment unprofitable;
  • Customs officials of the Russian Federation take care of compliance of the package with its contents. Correct marking plays an important role at the first logistic step.

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