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Истории из жизни

Some things change a lot

It happens very often that non-specialists in logistics take very important shipment details for trifles and address Sealiner for calculation of cost on turn-key terms after the contract of delivery has already been concluded.

Idea and search for suppliers

Do you need any goods? Pay attention to Asia. People’s Republic of China is a world leader in industrial output; low prime cost of raw materials and production make supplies from Chinese manufactures cost-efficient.

What to begin with?

It would be much better to deal with efficient logistic companies of China at a planning stage of a future shipment. The cost of shipment and customs duties may be of marked contrast depending upon FEACC code and other characteristics of goods.

If you have already an idea of kind of goods you are prepared to ship, then Sealiner stuff will calculate the cost of shipment and customs clearance. When you are aware of your future expenses, you will be able to estimate profitability of consignment shipment.

If you are still in a search for the goods, then our stuff will recommend reliable representatives in China. The exporters are quite smart entrepreneurs, that is why it may become difficult to conclude a profitable transaction and to control it without a reliable representative (or a consulting company in China).

In the territory of China the agents perform the following actions:

  • Find out if supplier is quite reliable;
  • Held negotiations (Chinese language is necessary!)
  • Attain discount from the Chinese party;
  • Control fulfillment of the contract;
  • Will check the quality and quantity of shipped goods;
  • Arrange customs formalities if necessary.

Important points are as following

  • An application supported by a picture and detailed description of the goods will help us to determine FEACC code at the shortest possible time and as much precise as possible;
  • Calculation of shipment cost is absolutely free for our customers — you can order as many calculations as your business needs.

It is up to you to choose the goods and it is up to us to take everything concerning shipment and customs clearance upon ourselves. Sealiner Company renders «door-to-door cargo delivery» service — i.e., you receive the cargo at a warehouse within specified time limits and with minimal costs.

Inquiry of the shipping cost

How many containers are there? What is net weight? What is gross weight? What kind of goods is shipped: the material, sphere of use?
What to calculate?

What are your contacts?

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