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Истории из жизни

Callean is a “fragile” business

Those people who work with Chinese suppliers know from their experience that the Russian «mayhap» is only a child’s play compared with «it will do as it is» of some Chinese suppliers.

Customs clearance for export

The first step of shipment is the keystone for its success on the whole. The period of time beginning from the moment of concluding a contract up to the moment of shipment of goods to Russia includes a lot of procedures which require great attention.

When the decision is made you should determine settlement rates and fill the application for shipment.

It depends upon the Chinese party how much time it will take for cargo execution. But the suppliers are not always careful about their obligations. That is why an agent, who represents your interests, will be of great help to exercise control of such suppliers.

We will connect the consignor, after which the date of cargo readiness for shipment will be determined, then we will arrange delivery of a container and booking a place aboard a ship.

The most popular conditions of a contract are as following

  • Manufacture offers goods on the basis of EXW conditions. In other words this abbreviation means «ex works» and implies that shipment, delivery of goods from the manufacture and customs clearance are at your own expense.
  • Shipment will be made on the basis of FOB conditions. In other words this abbreviation means «free on board» and implies that the cost of delivery of goods from the manufacture to the port is included in the price of goods. This condition works only in maritime transportation.

Customs clearance in China

The goods will not pass the customs border of China until the customs documents are executed. Your cargo should be cleared for export. There are no problems with major suppliers, as usually, as they already have an export license and take customs clearance on themselves. There can appear some difficulties if you work with small manufactures. In this case we can help you to execute all necessary procedures, i.e. to transport goods to the customs warehouse, to prepare certificates and other export documents.

Permits/approval documents

It is usually required to provide permits/approval documents in order to import goods to the territory of the Russian Federation. It depends upon the characteristics of goods what approval documents should be provided (certificate or declaration of conformity, fire safety declaration or certificate, Safety and Health Certificate or State Registration Certificate of the Customs Union).

Issue of certificates is done simultaneously with making up load and its delivery. The set of documents should be prepared before customs clearance of the load in Russia. It is important to pay attention to the full coincidence of terms, stated in certificates, with the ones, stated in the packing list.

When the cargo is loaded on board a ship a through bill of lading is issued. It is a document which is necessary during customs clearance in Russia. Draft bill of lading should be agreed before the loading operations — the text should correspond with the other documents.

Our specialists will arrange all procedures connected with making up load and its delivery to board a ship. You will receive daily reports about location of cargo or container on its way to the place of destination.

It is possible to issue a certificate for a single consignment (specifying or not specifying the quantity of goods) or for a concrete manufacturer (for a term from one to three years). The second variant is more expensive but it is more profitable to choose it for regular shipments.

Important moments

  • Do not try to arrange permits/the approval documents yourself. One wrong letter can be the reason of arrest of cargo by the Russian customs authorities;
  • Cargo marking should totally correspond with the packing list and information stated in the set of documents. Your agent should make sure that the consignor got everything right.

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