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Истории из жизни

March fever

Sometimes the fate has a lot of surprises in store for us. One of our customers decided to provide Moscow with the flowers for the Women’s Day on the 8-th of March. He seemed to foresee everything: he had made an application beforehand, arranged loading of goods, and a 40-feet (!) container was ready to arrive to the capital by railroad just on the eve of a nice holiday.

Cargo transportation on Russian territory

The cargo has bee cleared — now it should be delivered to a consignee. As usual transportation of cargo by rail is used. This is the most cost-effective means of transportation for long distances. Moreover, railway transportation is most commonly used and is suitable for all types of cargo: hazardous, bulk and over dimensional cargoes.

Particular cases

  • The cargo is small and light in weight and it should be delivered in the shortest period of time. The best variant here is the airshipment. But very often airline companies have complicated tariffs and conditions of carriage, that is why one should be aware of this market..
  • Consignee is situated somewhere near Primorye and he wishes a compromise of cost and speed of delivery. Shipment by cars is cost-effective for border territories. This kind of shipment can be used as the part of multimodal delivery.

No matter what method of shipment across Russia is used our customers can receive detailed information about cargo status at any time they wish.

Particulars of railway transportation

When the cargo is transported by rail it stays in the same container which was used for transportation of this cargo by sea. It is very important not to overload containers (not more than 21.8 tons for a 20″ container), otherwise the cargo can be stopped at the customs border.

An obligatory condition of transportation by rail is the return of an empty container. A lot of Companies don’t include this procedure in the total cost. As the result the customer, who has paid for «not so expensive» to his opinion shipment, is informed that he should pay additional1000 US dollars for return of a container. There are no concealed payments in Sealiner’s calculations: we explain in details what the cost of shipment consists of.

Storage of cargo

As a rule, the rate of transportation includes storage of a container (at ports, terminals or stations). If the cargo is delayed, additional charges for storage can be incurred.

Important moments

  • Some kinds of cargoes when transported by rail require security services. It implies additional expenses. You can find it out beforehand by FEACC code;
  • Return of containers is not in practice in outlying regions — the container becomes the customer’s property;
  • Transportation of hazardous cargo requires abbr id="43">MSDS. Such kind of transportation should be agreed with ports and stations in a special way.

Delivery of cargo to a warehouse

Cargo receipt is «the last breakthrough» before it is delivered to a warehouse. However this procedure (including, for example, release of goods) can cost a non-specialist a lot of time and spoiled nerves. Our agents also take everything regarding cargo receipt on themselves. We have a lot of representatives and it gives us an opportunity to receive cargo at any station all over Russia and to deliver it to the door of your warehouse.

This moment is the last stage of our difficult but very interesting work. But all the difficulties remain behind-the-scenes for our customers — the most important for us is to deliver their cargo in time.

Inquiry of the shipping cost

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