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Истории из жизни

A sofa no bed

There exists a particular customs language which very often has no common with our everyday language. For example, a furniture store has ordered a certificate (by the way, which costs 1 000 US dollars) for a consignment of standard non-folding sofas. In goods description the sofa was stated as «a soft furniture item used for sitting and lying on it with a folding back and elbows». The description is quite true — an exclusive model of the sofa has some design peculiarities, i.e. the position of elbows and a back can be changed.

Customs clearance of cargo

Customs clearance of cargo is the most difficult for an incompetent person logistic step. It demands special accuracy and thorough abidance by customs rules of the Russian Federation. No instructions will help in this procedure, only many years of study and a hundred of successfully cleared cargo can be of great help here.

Permits/approval documents

The list of required documents depends upon the type of goods and FEACC code.

Goods specification determines a lot. One type of goods is required Safety and Healthy certificate, another type of goods — veterinary and phytosanitary certificates, sometimes all mentioned documents are required together with the certificate of conformity.

Customs clearance step by step

Successful customs clearance 90% depends upon thoroughly performed previous logistic steps.

Terms and information stated in all the documents (certificates, bill of lading, invoice and packing-list) should totally coincide and at the same time they should comply with the packing list. When our stuff performs customs clearance, all responsibilities for correct filling of certificates and documents are taken by ourselves.

Cargo undergoes the following kinds of check:

Control of goods value

Successful undergoing of control of goods value will further influence the price. Customs authorities of the Russian Federation often use such term as Customs Value Index (CVI, the so-called «checkpoint» in industry buzzword). The value of declared goods should be proved by one of possible methods of CVI determination.

If declared value is lower than it is stipulated by the customs data, then it is corrected at the customs official’s discretion, for example, by means of the third method (by the goods with similar characteristics).

If it is established to satisfaction of court that the declared value of goods is correct, then the difference in payments is returned by the customs authorities or stays on the settlement account (as the applicant wishes). The amount deposited into the account for a period of court proceedings is frozen, but the cargo is released into free circulation.

There is an opportunity to establish to satisfaction of court that the declared value of goods is correct (the goods value up to invoice issued by the seller). In this case the goods is firstly released according to value, which has been corrected by the customs official.

Customs inspection

It is up to the customs officials to decide the necessity of customs inspection. If all the required documents are executed properly, the goods can be released without any inspection.

Sometimes partial -10% or 50% — inspection is required. The inspection can be required irrespective of execution of the documents, but because of risk profile temporary existing for certain goods.

If all the documents are completed in a proper way, the cargo is released in within the shortest possible time.

Rarely the cargo is sent to a total inspection for the risks.
Some FEACC codes may be required obligatory inspection under customs internal orders.

Important moments

  • FEACC code should be correctly chosen; all terms and also specification of goods should be stated in a certificate accurately;
  • Each discrepancy results in customs penalties and serious expenses for storage of arrested cargo;
  • Customs authorities have the right to go back on taken decisions concerning cargoes even within three years after they have been released. We take this risk on ourselves if you work with us.

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